DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, one of the largest transportation companies serving the Hawaiian Islands, has just begun a new trucking service on the Big Island to better serve the business and residential communities on the fastest growing Island in the State.

The new trucking operation is headquartered in Kailua-Kona, center of the tourist industry on the Big Island. Dependable Hawaiian Express-Big Island, Inc. is a company wholly owned by the Chairman and President of DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, Inc., an ocean and air freight organization serving the Hawaiian Islands for the past twenty-five years.

The new trucking service is in response to what DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express believes to be a poorly served market.

Commented Brad Dechter, President of DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, in announcing the new service, ‘We had received an increasing number of complaints from Big Island customers deploring the lack of dependable surface delivery of the ‘last mile’ to their homes or businesses. DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express was determined to overcome this inadequate service both to current customers and the entire island. We believe our Big Island trucking operation, coupled with service in Hilo through Hitco, a Hilo-based trucking company, will provide high level, competitively priced surface transport Big Islanders expect and deserve.’

The new service will accept both full container loads and less than container load (LCL) shipments. An initial number of ten trucks will fan out daily from the company’s Kailua-Kona hub to serve the Kona side. A number of service innovations, new to the Island, have begun.

One of the most useful is calling each customer in advance to arrange time of delivery. This method assures the consignee will be on hand to receive the shipment and allows the customer to control distribution of shipments to their facilities. This precise delivery system is in sharp contrast to other trucking firms on the Island who deliver cargo at random and provide no advance notice of delivery.

Dechter noted the Big Island now requires a high level of quality transportation services. It is the fastest growing island in the Hawaiian chain with an expanding population and busy construction of hotels, condominiums and private residences. New businesses are springing up to accommodate this growth. ‘Adequate transportation to satisfy both the demands of the tourist industry and the local population is a must,’ emphasized the DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express


The company is no stranger to the trucking business. DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express currently operates one of the largest and most successful surface transport companies on the island of Oahu. Now in its 25th year, the Rancho Dominguez, CA-based company is a major force in Mainland-Hawaii transportation with offices and trucking operations on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island as well as from major West Coast ports.