A new, low-cost weekly container service between Oahu and Maui now is being offered by DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, one of the largest transportation companies serving the Islands.

The new service, offering a safe, dependable all-weather alternative to a traditional delivery system that now is in disarray due to the irregular service of the Hawaiian Super Ferry between Honolulu and Maui, is expected to be of substantial benefit to Oahu businesses with cargo destined for Maui. The DHX schedule calls for Sunday departure from Honolulu with a Monday pick-up by customers on Maui.

In announcing the new less-than-container (LCL) service, Kane McEwen, General Manager at DHX’ Honolulu facilities, stated, “shippers now can be assured their Maui-bound freight will be unloaded immediately at DHX’ own facilities by our own staff. Our enclosed warehouse keeps cargo dry during inclement weather, in addition to round the clock surveillance to insure against pilferage, loss or damage.”

McEwen compared DHX’ safeguards for customer cargo to the company that has moved freight between the two islands for many years. “Because of the berthing facilities needed by the Super Ferry, Young Brothers now find their own space for unloading cargo greatly shrunken. This is causing not only delays in unloading freight from containers, the cargo is spilled on open land with no protection against inclement weather, the hot sun and related damage. DHX is offering competitive rates, assured delivery schedules and complete safety of cargo,” he affirmed.

Shippers on Oahu can deliver their freight to DHX facilities conveniently located on the Nimitz Highway in the center of Honolulu harbor.