DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express has just opened a new, full service freight handling facility in Kailua-Kona,‘to speed customers’ deliveries throughout the Big Island of Hawaii.

The freight forwarder’s new Kona headquarters contains more than 15,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, almost double its previous capacity on the Island.

“This new facility will enable DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express to provide greater flexibility in our operations and also improve the quality of service to customers on the Big Island,” stated Tim Forkner, Hawaii Regional Manager.

Forkner reported the new warehouse and office facility “is just outside Kona, close to the downtown area as well as conveniently located to serve the industrial parks scattered about the Island.”

The facility, built to DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express specifications, is equipped with seven bays for truck loading and unloading.’ Each bay has two dock spaces so that 14 trucks or containers can be handled at the same time.’ In addition to the bays having standard heights, some have dock levelers for different sized trucks and containers.’ “Our flexible loading heights allow minimal turn-around time,” said Forkner.’ “Our trucks can be on their way quickly for pick-up and delivery of customer cargo,” he continued. “This will allow us to continue our high standards of service which our customers demand.”

The Hawaii Regional Manager stressed the rigid standards of the facility’s security system.’ “Our security system is state of the art,” said Forkner.’ “We follow all C-TPAT security guidelines. DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express also is an ISO-certified company.”

Supplementing the physical operation of the facility is an advanced IT system that is linked to DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express’ corporate headquarters in Rancho Dominguez, CA, in addition to its offices in Oahu (Honolulu) and Maui.’ “We can track and retrieve information almost instantaneously for all of our cargo moving by ocean, air or truck,” stated Forkner.

Forkner emphasized the new Kona facility is wholly owned and operated by DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express.’ “Owning our’ facility rather than leasing it provides a greater level of service to our customers.’ It also allows greater control of our fixed costs in the future—savings which’eventually will be passed on to our customers.”

“The Kona investment is a major commitment by our company to the future of the Hawaiian Islands,” stated Forkner.’ “DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express is one of the largest freight forwarders and logistics providers on the Islands.’ We have serviced the Islands for more than 28 years.’ Our investment in’the new Kona terminal demonstrates our commitment to the Islands and to our customers. We are here to stay,” he concluded.