​“The American maritime industry is a thriving economic engine and a jobs creator. Companies have made, and are making today, multi-billion dollar investments in vessels, in shoreside facilities, and in technology to meet the needs of their customers in every sector of the U.S. economy. Ours is one of the largest, most vibrant domestic maritime industries in the world, and will continue to adapt and grow to meet America’s transportation needs.”

Allegretti’s address also focused on the critical role American maritime plays in the helping to protect U.S. national and homeland security.

“The domestic maritime industry supports U.S. national and homeland security at zero cost to the federal government. The Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy strongly support the domestic maritime industry – and the Jones Act as its statutory foundation – because strong vessel operating companies, a skilled, available supply of mariners, and a robust shipyard industrial base are critical force multipliers that the U.S. government must have, but could not sustain, without the commercial domestic maritime industry.”