Dredging operations conducted by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company have begun on the Billingsport Range and Tinicum Range on the Delaware River on July 15, 2014, and will continue until September 15, 2014.

During this operation there will be two hopper dredges working the area, the Dodge Island and the Padre IslanD. There will be a portion of pipeline off the Fort Mifflin disposal area that the hopper dredges will use to off load. At no time will the pipeline extend into the channel. Mariners are cautioned to remain a safe distance away from the dredge, buoys, cables, pipeline, barges, derricks, wires and related equipment.

Traffic should call the hopper dredges at least 30 minutes prior to passage. The hopper dredges will monitor channels 13 and 16. Mariners are urged to us extreme caution and operate at minimum steerage speed to reduce wake when transiting the area.