E.J. Ward, Inc., a leading fleet asset management company, has selected NovaTracker’s GPS/wireless real-time GPS unit that will soon be installed in thousands of government and commercial fleets. The Ward Track GPS vehicle tracking solution will give fleet/operational managers the ability to optimize and lower fleet risks/expenses through Ward’s innovative technologies.

As part of the Ward-NovaTracker supplier partnership, privately owned Ward will offer the highly configurable NovaTracker MAYATM device as part of its turnkey fleet asset management solution. Fleet asset management enables managers to upload critical vehicle performance information during refueling including engine information, oil and gas consumption, mileage and speed, and other data.

The versatile and reliable MAYA is a GPS/GSM based data hub, and is engineered specifically for the fleet-tracking industry. The MAYA features numerous over-the-air programmable parameters giving customers unparalleled control of their devices and on-the-fly configurability. MAYA generates a unique array of customized and highly relevant data transmissions such as location reporting, vehicle status, and a wide variety of event codes including geofence violations.

The Ward Track Fleet View software can track an unlimited number of vehicles and enables an infinite amount of users to access the system simultaneously. The Ward platform is powered by a mapping engine that facilitates data integration and allows for selective layer visibility. It also allows multiple areas to belong to one geofence unlike any other tracking system on the market.

Deploying the Ward Fleet View turnkey software combined with the MAYA device, customers will also receive real-time location tracking information from each vehicle. All of this data is transferred to Ward’s software and into the fleet manager’s database as part of the vehicle maintenance and monitoring programs.

‘Our customers are seeking a highly flexible GPS vehicle tracking solution that will provide real-time or passive (historical) data, exactly the way they want it,’ explains Troy Goldhammer, E.J. Ward Vice President. The configuration of Ward Track meets those specifications precisely thus delivering the lowest total cost of GPS ownership in the industry. ‘It integrates well with our Ward Track Fleet View, enabling us to offer sophisticated tracking and scheduling solutions that are easy to implement, making our turnkey solutions even more compelling.’

Physically, the MAYA is highly compact, with the same footprint as two decks of cards, so it takes up minimal space. The MAYA is equipped with both digital and analog I/O’s, and offers a Bluetooth option as well for PDA and laptop connectivity.

‘E.J. Ward’s installed customer base operates hundreds of thousands of vehicles, so this opportunity will garner a sizeable portion of the GPS tracking market in a very short time,’ explains NovaTracker Chief Marketing Officer Dave Leis. ‘Ward Track Fleet View software offers a best-in class tracking and mapping solution that can leverage the capabilities of our MAYA GPS device to its fullest potential. This combined solution will increase fleet productivity, while lowering fleet expenses and fuel costs.’