Truckload carrier is enhancing profitability by utilizing TCG’s LTL/CIS activity-based costing solution and a new enterprise management system interface.

Transportation Costing Group’ (TCG’), specialists in activity-based profitability and cost analysis for the transportation industry, today announced that Flint, Michigan-based E. L. Hollingsworth & Co. has adopted its Truckload Cost Information SystemTM (TL/CIS’) and is using this advanced solution in conjunction with a new interface to TMWSuite’, written for TCG by TMW Systems, Inc. TCG’s Profitability Management Tools’ used along with TMWSuite’ enterprise transportation software is enabling the provider of truckload, LTL/partial shipment, expedited ground, logistics and warehousing services to benefit from better cost analysis and profitability measurement.

“We chose the TL/CIS solution and asked for an interface with TMW to fill a void in our reporting structure,” said Jeff Berlin, executive vice president/CFO of E.L. Hollingsworth. “Our enterprise management system has all the data we need to analyze our most and least profitable lanes and customers, but TCG offers the ability to accurately interpret and analyze that data in a very user-friendly platform. TCG’s decision to have TMW develop an interface has added value to a solution that produces meaningful results and gives us a distinct competitive advantage.”

Providing value for TMW customers is very important, noted John Parker, director of inside sales at TMW Systems. “When E.L. Hollingsworth made its needs known we were ready and willing to support them and develop the interface they requested,” he related. “Our goal remains to provide the best solutions to meet a customer’s specific needs.”

Jeff Berlin also reported that TCG was also responsive to a special request from E.L. Hollingsworth. “We’re dedicated to consistently meeting our customer’s expectations,” he explained. “Before we even started using TL/CIS one shipper asked for a rate adjustment and with TCG’s help we were able to access profitability data on their business for the previous nine months. That helped us negotiate with this customer, adjust rates for part of their business and determine if we should accept other loads from them. Without that help we couldn’t distinguish if this business was profitable or not. With TL/CIS we are more competitive and can expect to realize sustained growth and profitability.”

“The TL/CIS solution and new standard TMWSuite interface we have provided E.L. Hollingsworth is designed to give the carrier the ability to gain all of the advantages of having accurate and efficient profitability management tools,” said Jack Jones, TCG vice president. “The diversity of the operations of this company and the ability of our system to provide profitability analyses based on actual activity, costs and results provides valuable information for them as they make key decisions about how to proceed with specific business opportunities. E.L. Hollingsworth is a great example of the flexibility our solutions can provide.”