Ecu-Line has obtained a Class A Licence for its logistic activities in China.

Over the last few years, Ecu-Line is doing everything possible to strengthen its presence in Asia, the fastest growing continent. Ecu-Line already has offices in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. More concrete expansion plans will be effected in the course of 2006.

A very important step in these Asian expansion plans was made last year, when Ecu-Line opened its own office in China, the biggest logistics market in the world.

Through its subsidiary company Ecu-Line Hong Kong, the Ecu-Line group obtained a Class A License for its NVOCC activities in China. The license was obtained under the CEPA agreement, being the ‘Closer Economic Partnership Agreement’ between Hong Kong and China.

The company’s first office was opened in Guangzhou. Ecu Line Guangzhou is 100% owned by the Ecu Line Group and is able to execute NVOCC activities without any restrictions. In the course of 2006, new ‘licensed’ offices will be opened in Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Dongguan, all situated in the Southern China province of Guangdong. At a later stage, Ecu-Line’s intention is to expand further in Northern and Central China.