EDRAY, The Collaborative Port Logistics Platform for international BCO (beneficial cargo owner) shippers, announces their new headquarters location in Charlotte, North Carolina at 1300 S. Mint, Suite 200. Additionally, EDRAY has established an office in Long Beach, California at 120 E. 3rd Street.

EDRAY's Charloette, NC headquarters
EDRAY’s Charloette, NC headquarters

EDRAY is committed to strengthening and engaging with the local Charlotte logistics and supply chain community with monthly networking events where ideas are exchanged and meaningful business relationships developed. To move this initiative forward, EDRAY has created the South End Supply Chain Group, which meets on the first Thursday of the month at a brewery in South End.

Inside of the new EDRAY headquarters
Inside of the new EDRAY headquarters

Charlotte is home to many leading shipping industry businesses including ocean carriers, freight forwarders, third party logistics providers and trucking, and this sector is growing. Logistics and distribution businesses in Charlotte are growing 66% faster than the national average, and over the next five years is projected to grow at almost double the national average.

Moreover, Charlotte with its population of almost 2.5 million people, 25 colleges and universities and vast logistics and distribution business community offers EDRAY a robust and talented labor force.

“We chose the thriving Charlotte region for our corporate headquarters due to its solid growth, talented workforce and the quality of life it offers. It’s important that we provide our current and future team with a rewarding and favorable business environment that supports the important work they do improving cargo velocity at ports and terminals and reducing logistics costs for our customers,” said Reade Kidd, Co-Founder and CEO of EDRAY.