Investment will accelerate growth and technology innovation.

EDRAY, The Collaborative Port Logistics Platform for international beneficial cargo owners announces a major relaunch and investment from Andrew Leto, entrepreneur and investor to logistics companies including Emerge, MyCarrier and Roadrunner Transportation. In addition, he is the founder of two companies, GlobalTranz and 10-4. Leto’s investment will fuel future growth initiatives.

EDRAY’s relaunch expands its range of solutions to tackle today’s container logistics challenges. They include:

  • Destination Management for import containers 
  • EDRAY NOW - Real-time freight visibility to the SKU level
  • Active freight management to ensure freight is moving in the most efficient manner possible
  • Drayage capacity through the EDRAY Marketplace
  • Innovative solutions that accelerate the movement of cargo off the terminal including: Flow stacks, dedicated flow, terminal coordination, street turns and yard management
  • The reduction of wait-times and empty miles with match-back containers
  • Automated Data validation processes to ensure clean and actionable data in the supply chain
  • Significant reduction in demurrage and per diem costs
  • Supply chain stakeholder management against defined KPIs
  • Off-dock container yards to expedite the movement of freight off the terminal

The challenges of congestion, inefficiency and slow turn-times that shippers and their supply chain partners face are alleviated with EDRAY’s collaborative logistics solutions. EDRAY improves cargo velocity and reduces costs for shippers through port gateways all the way to final destination through clean data, active management, real time visibility and the ability to provide capacity where and when it’s needed most. 

"I invested in EDRAY because I saw a huge need for shippers to find a better way to manage and source their drayage carriers. EDRAY effectively solves this with their Drayage Marketplace and with their Destination Management Service which provides planning and forecasting, local execution and acts as an extension of a shippers’ team. It is easily the best-managed drayage services I have seen. Plus, any shipper that I referred to EDRAY has signed up, and that says the most," said Andrew Leto, Entrepreneur and Investor.

“We’re thrilled to have Andrew Leto’s strategic and financial support to strengthen our position as we continue to build out the EDRAY platform. The industry has been plagued with congestion at the ports that negatively impacts the movement of freight and results in significant costs. EDRAY is delivering relief for shippers with collaborative, innovative solutions, real-time visibility data and increased capacity from our Drayage Marketplace to expedite containers inbound and outbound,” said Reade Kidd, President of EDRAY.