EDRAY, The Collaborative Port Logistics Platform (CPL) for importers and exporters, announces today a strategic partnership with Davinci Micro Fulfillment® to provide real-time inbound container freight management and visibility for Davinci Micro Fulfillment’s micro and fast-forward fulfillment and channel integration service clients.

EDRAY is now providing technology and managed transportation solutions for ocean freight coming into Davinci Micro Fulfillment’s micro fulfillment locations for better inbound controls and workflow management. As a result, customers and fulfillment locations access item and SKU level information for every container, improving supply chain planning and inventory management, and warehouses are better able to plan for labor and management of inbound shipments. Additionally, EDRAY’s products help accelerate cargo velocity and track detention and demurrage fees, enabling better management of these charges resulting in significant cost savings.

The Davinci Micro Fulfillment software platform serves the end-to-end e-commerce ecosystem enabling decentralized inventory management across multiple micro-distribution locations, effective inventory replenishment and last-mile distribution visibility to streamline supply chains and get closer to end customers.

Davinci Micro Fulfillment is part of the ZEBOX AMERICA start-up community, benefiting from leading industry partners, such as EDRAY, that help accelerate the development of these innovative technology companies.

Reade Kidd, CEO of EDRAY, said: “Davinci Micro Fulfillment clients will now have better control of their inbound cargo with EDRAY. Through technology and granular execution, EDRAY and its shipper community are able to make data-based supply chain decisions, increase velocity and improve the overall import supply chain. We’re pleased to begin this relationship with a ZEBOX community innovative start-up.”

Corey Apirian, CEO of Davinci Micro Fulfillment, said: “Partnering with EDRAY, we can provide our clients with precise control and visibility to inbound inventory into the right locations utilizing Davinci’s downstream network optimization tools to effectively cross dock and transfer, and transload inventories into our forward deployed MFC’s (micro-fulfillment centers). This will enable our partners to store less inventory on hand and experience more cost-effective shipping rates, by utilizing our physical location network versus one location which will enable their fast, forward, fulfillment. EDRAY’s execution at the port will ultimately get goods in faster and cheaper, allowing Davinci to take on the middle and last mile orchestration and fulfillment.”

Charley Dehoney, vice president at ZEBOX AMERICA, commented: “This partnership is a great example of how ZEBOX, start-up incubator and accelerator, can help facilitate commercial opportunities between our corporate partners and startups within our community. By partnering with Davinci Micro Fulfillment, EDRAY is further extending its capabilities for top BCOs while enabling its customer base to sell more products faster.”