EJ&E Railway Co. implements RMI’s Railconnect Services

New transportation, equipment, and revenue management systems to create paperless exchange between railroads and customers

Elgin, Joliet and Eastern (EJ&E) Railway Company, one of the most active railroads in America, is currently utilizing RMI to replace its legacy car control system to improve the operational efficiency and customer service of the railroad. The EJ&E Railway, a Transtar company, implemented RMI’s RailConnect Transportation Management Services (TMS), and Revenue Management Services (RMS), on January 1, 2005. EJ&E will also deploy RMI’s ShipperConnect, a web-based solution for improving communications between railroads and their shippers. Once fully engaged, EJ&E will move to an almost paperless exchange between itself and customers.

“We were impressed with the level of RMI’s thoroughness and professionalism throughout the months of planning, training and implementation,” said John Pranaitis, president of EJ&E. “Our new sophisticated and automated system will allow us to better serve our customers as we have eliminated or reduced much of the paper and time-intensive manual processes. We anticipate tremendous long-term operational and financial benefits.”

One of the most significant improvements EJ&E has seen with the implementation of RailConnect is the increased utilization of AEI technology. By strategically placing AEI readers at the lead tracks into plants, placements and pulls are now recorded automatically. Formerly, clerks would physically watch the cars roll by, record the numbers on paper, and then manually key them into the system.

“The EJ&E is a very large, busy, and complex railroad. This has been a successful, collaborative effort between EJ&E and RMI,” said David Booker, vice president, Customer Support for RMI. “We look forward to continuing to work with EJ&E to help them realize the full benefits of a paperless railroad.”