The top liner shipping companies that make up the Membership of the European Liner Affairs Association (ELAA) have voted in its new Chairman. He is to be Mr Ulrich Kranich, Member of the Executive Board of Hapag Lloyd. Mr. Kranich’s appointment is effective 1st January 2008.

In making the announcement Chris Bourne, Executive Director of the ELAA drew attention to the achievements of the out-going Chairman, Mr. GianLuigi Aponte of MSC. ‘The liner industry owes Mr. Aponte a major debt of gratitude. As Chairman of the ELAA over the past year, he has guided the group through the final stages of talks with the European Commission which has culminated in the publication of the Draft Guidelines,’ said Bourne.

Ulrich Kranich will continue this strong leadership in 2008. ELAA’s work will be taking a new turn with the implementation of the new information exchange system. The Liner Shipping Conference Block Exemption is due to expire in mid October 2008. The Member Lines of the ELAA will begin testing the proposed new information exchange system early in 2008.

‘I am looking forward to a new era in liner shipping, particularly in relations with shippers at an association level,’ commented Kranich.