DHL announced it has been selected by Electrolux as its exclusive global air express services provider. The two-year, multi-million dollar agreement comes on the heels of several major new DHL customer wins for domestic and international shipping.

Electrolux maintains 27 product lines with a wide array of consumer and professional products globally, including washers and dryers, commercial laundry systems, food preservation and storage and vacuum cleaners. Electrolux will now use DHL air express services exclusively—including next day, second day, Import Express and Worldwide Priority Express—to ship goods and replacement parts from 250 worldwide distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, and distributors to retailers and end consumers.

‘DHL’s strong global presence, closely managed account representation, and operational flexibility to meet our exacting requirements led us to choose DHL for our express shipping needs in the US and abroad,’ said Bjorn Vang Jensen, VP of Intercontinental Freight & Logistics Services for Electrolux. ‘DHL’s strong track record in successfully managing our express transportation requirements in Asia Pacific and Europe was also key to our decision to extend exclusive use of DHL services to the US market as well.’

DHL has managed transportation requirements for several Electrolux divisions over two decades. For the past two years, DHL has helped manage Electrolux’ global supply chain for the company’s Floor Care Products Division in United States, and DHL Global Forwarding now distributes all Electrolux products across all divisions from Latin America. DHL Global Forwarding is also one of the chosen providers that will handle the international export of Electrolux products from the U.S. and Europe and additional value added services, including Customer Program Management (CPM) for complete end-to-end supply chain visibility, as well as transload services for consolidations and special projects.

DHL has also engaged its Partnership CARE team (Customer Activation Resolution and Enhancement) to identify and tailor specialized solutions to Electrolux specialized needs. The program ensures that customers with complex shipping and logistics needs have dedicated expertise and support at activation and during the start-up process, as well as throughout their relationship with DHL. DHL is currently assisting Electrolux in evaluating each major Electrolux site to determine the appropriate eCommerce and shipping systems, adjust local operational support based on specific products and volumes; and to engage the local sales representatives for ongoing support.

‘DHL’s history and experience in international markets, coupled with our on-going investments and enhancements in our US operation, have helped us expand our relationships with world-class companies with global needs such as Electrolux,’ stated Charles Brewer, Executive Vice President of US Air Products and Services for DHL. ‘This new business, along with other recent customer wins, confirms that our strategy of providing market-leading service levels, customer focused solutions and a customer-centric management team are paying off.’