Emirates SkyCargo has officially launched SkyChain, a comprehensive end-to-end IT cargo management system at the Air Cargo Forum, held recently in Calgary.

SkyChain, a centralized cargo reservation and business management solution, offers a number of advantages over existing systems. Benefits include compatibility with the wide host customer systems, capacity to accommodate upgrades and changes through Java architecture, and real-time access and updates, all designed to address the current needs of today’s cargo customer.

Ram Menen, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President Cargo said, ‘There has been a demand for a system that offers flexibility and allows users to move past the constraints of legacy technology. SkyChain will enable us to do this. We can now develop innovative business strategies with confidence, knowing that SkyChain will effectively support these plans.’

Currently, cargo carriers are using systems that are 10 to 30 years old and offer little flexibility. Using the latest Java technology, SkyChain substantially improves business efficiencies across the air freight life cycle.

From its launch in April 2004, SkyChain was built in less than two-and-a-half years and was successfully implemented in August 2006. Built by a team of over 150 IT and Cargo professionals in Dubai, an overall effort of about 300 person years has contributed to creating the system, making it the largest single software development project in the aviation industry in recent times.

SkyChain is expected to make a significant difference to the air cargo industry. Recognizing the potential of the system, SkyChain will be made available to other cargo carriers through a sales effort led by Mercator, the Dubai-based IT division of the Emirates Group.