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Emirates SkyCargo has been entrusted by BAS Ltd, exclusive agents for DHL Danzas Air & Ocean, to transfer two Malta-built AC MKV cars to New York, via Dubai.

In business since 1901, AC is the oldest British car manufacturing brand, which gained widespread popularity in the 1960s after the production of its original AC Cobra.

Alan Lubinsky, AC Cars Chairman and CEO said, “This new series AC MKV is in essence a modern recreation of the original AC Cobra. The car is constructed out of modern carbon fiber and has 345bhp engine supplied by Ford Racing of USA. It will soon be launched in Europe and the Middle East, and was seen at Emirates SkyCargo’s hub in Dubai.”

From Malta the cars were transported in Emirates’ Boeing 777, while from Dubai the cars made their way to New York in its Boeing 747F, highlighting the smooth functioning and flexibility of the cargo division’s services to its customers using a combination of belly-hold and freighter operations.

“AC Cars join an increasing number of local customers who are entrusting Emirates SkyCargo with their high-value as well as unusual shipments. Customers are aware that Emirates SkyCargo has become a market leader by placing innovation, flexibility and personal service at the heart of its operational philosophy. We have always focused on a commitment to deliver as promised,” said Mr. Lino A. Bonello, Operations Director, at Emirates SkyCargo’s GSA in Malta.

He explained that Malta has shown a steady increase in tonnage every year since Emirates began its operations to the country in 1998. “This year, Emirates SkyCargo has facilitated significant growth in exports from Malta,” said Mr. Bonello. “Our customers are delighted with SkyChain, our one-stop web shop which enables them to obtain information as well as transact business online.”

Emirates SkyCargo is at present offering a weekly capacity of 44 tons of cargo in each direction between Malta and Dubai, the commercial hub of the Middle East. Emirates serves Malta thrice weekly, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Paul Fleri Soler, Emirates’ District Manager in Malta, said, “Emirates SkyCargo has quickly built a reputation in the aviation industry and in Malta for leading the cargo sector in innovation, flexibility and service. From October 1, 2005, Emirates will fly from Malta to Dubai four times weekly via Larnaca, Cyprus, using an Airbus A330-200 with a freight capacity of 13 tons each way.”

From Malta, Emirates SkyCargo mainly transports semi-conductors, tuna fish, poultry vaccines, CCTVs equipment, printed matter, heavy drilling equipment and personal effects. On the other hand, it helps to meet the Maltese demand for shipments of textiles; electrical components; fresh vegetables and fresh fish for specialized outlets; as well as tropical fish.

This year Emirates SkyCargo has won a clutch of awards: ‘Air Cargo Carrier of the Year’ from IFW, UK (2nd year running); ‘Best Air Cargo Carrier - Middle East’ from Cargo News Asia (3rd year running); and ‘Best Cargo Airline to the Middle East’ (17th year running), ‘Best Cargo Airline to the Indian subcontinent’ (8th year) and ‘Best cargo airline to the Far East’ (2nd time) from Air Cargo News.