Envirotainer, providers of active temperature-controlled air cargo containers and cold chain management specialists to the healthcare industry, has appointed Peter Reinhart as its general sales agent for Spain and Portugal to satisfy demand for its temperature-controlled air cargo containers from the growing healthcare industry in the region.

Peter Reinhart has broad knowledge and competence of logistics and healthcare. Prior to this appointment, he has worked with various international forwarding companies in Asia, the United States and Europe.

Martin Peter, Vice President Sales of Envirotainer, said: ‘With the appointment of Peter Reinhart to focus on the markets of Spain and Portugal, Envirotainer is strengthening its leadership position in the 5th largest pharmaceutical market in Europe and can continue to grow its customer base. With our containers available at Madrid Airport all year around, we can serve the entire Iberian peninsula thanks to our broad network of partners whom we team up with to enable door-to-door cold chain solutions.’

Peter Reinhart adds: ‘Local healthcare manufacturing and research in Spain, especially on the bio-technology side, shows a significant increase and it is a perfect timing to enter in this market.’

In addition to its own sales and marketing teams, Envirotainer also has GSA representatives in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel and India.