One of the world’s leading vehicular heating specialists to provide cab heating for high-efficiency hydraulic hybrid off-highway container tractor prototype used at ports

Using innovative series hydraulic hybrid technology, the EPA and its industry partners have created the most efficient and cost-effective hybrid powertrain technology in the world which is fitted to this vehicle, used to move freight containers at ports. The EPA introduced and exhibited the HHV Yard Hostler at the Word Maritime Day Parallel Event at Chelsea Piers in New York City on October 16, 17, and 18, 2009. With HHV technology, the stop-and-go fuel efficiency of yard hostlers is improved by 50 to 60% and CO2 greenhouse gas emissions reduced by over 30%. The unique energy recovery technology used to stop the vehicle also reduces brake wear by 75%, increasing the net operating savings substantially. It is estimated that the use of each high-efficiency yard hostler could save a terminal operator over 1,000 gallons of fuel per year. When this technology is manufactured in high volume, it has the potential to recoup the hybridization costs from fuel and maintenance savings in three to five years. Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles rely on proven innovative technology that has been successfully demonstrated in package delivery vehicles, shuttle buses, refuse trucks, light duty work trucks, and SUVs. The Webasto technology - the Air Top 3500 ’ used in the HHV Yard Hostler is already in mass production and is the country’s best-selling air heater line, offering environmentally friendly, idle-free heating of vehicle interiors and cargo spaces. Idle reduction is a key design feature of HHV technology and, without Webasto’s Air Top 3500 cabin air heater to provide low-emission, high-efficiency engine-off heat, that wouldn’t be feasible in the cold operating conditions prevalent at ports throughout much of the year. ‘Because of yard congestion, more than 40% of a yard hostler’s working hours are spent inactive or waiting in line with the engine unproductively idling. The Air Top 3500 is a key enabler of the HHV’s strategy to stop idling during waiting periods as it provides reliable, efficient heat to the cab whenever it is needed, including when the engine is shut off,’ said Michael Lee, General Manager, Special Products and Markets, Webasto Product North America (WPNA). ‘Our heater ensures that the operator remains comfortable even in cold weather.’ The powerful, compact and quiet Air Top 3500 weighs only 13 lbs, produces up to 11,942 btu/hr and, at a full load, uses less than a pint of fuel each hour. WPNA is the North American subsidiary of the Global Comfort Solutions (GCS) Business Division of Munich, Germany-based Webasto AG, one of the world’s largest suppliers of vehicular parking and auxiliary heating and ventilation. In 2008 Webasto produced over one million heating systems, which are widely fitted to cars, trucks, buses and defense and specialty equipment globally.