Much of the trucking industry has greatly evolved in the past few years, partly thanks to developments in modern technology, software integration, and the internet of things.

Trucking provides some of the most essential foundations found in any facet of the national economy, so taking steps to streamline operations in the face of a driver shortage is vital in keeping up with supply and demand.

If you happen to run a trucking business, or you simply want to optimize your own routes, here are some great pieces of tech that can help you modernize your efforts in no time at all.

Load Searching Software

Shiply offers a fantastic load board that can help you find the ideal jobs for your individual needs. The shipping process can be difficult enough, regardless of having to take on jobs that might not be right for you.

The platform is a great place for truckers to bid on shipments, find detailed descriptions of what the job entails, and quickly search thousands of sources for your next delivery.

Communication can play a crucial role when it comes to streamlining the shipping process, and having a platform that enables this with ease can make life a great deal easier.

Real-Time Route Technology

Finding the perfect route is not always as easy as it looks on paper, as there are many external factors that can cause complications in practice.

Implementing some software that can reroute your truck in real-time can help make sure the journey runs as smoothly as possible, avoiding such situations as bad traffic, freak weather, and roadworks.

Moreover, this can make doing multiple drops in one day much easier, as regular updates in real-time can shave countless hours off your route by finding taking all of your destinations into account.


Unfortunately, trucking can at times be an incredibly dangerous endeavor, especially if sufficient safety measures are not put in place.

Installing cameras can be a great way to reduce the risk of accidents while having the ability to supply you with evidence should you need to take anything to a court of law.

This does not only pertain to the installation of dashboard cameras however, and it can be worth installing cameras to keep a lookout on the goods, the engine, and the entirety of the road to make sure you or your drivers are fully covered.

Portable Chargers

In terms of personal gadgets, fiddling around with cables to power up a dying phone in the middle of a drive can lead directly to some serious consequences. Practicing safe driving is vital, so mitigating the chance of distraction is a must.

A portable charger can be the perfect alternative to rogue charging cables, particularly if you need to charge multiple accessories at once, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and power tools.

The extra mobility and ease of access make it a great companion for a trucker, as they can ensure that their electronics do not cut out when they need them most without having to become entangled in a sea of wires.