​Through this agreement, Europartners is automating freight rate pricing and contract management, rate quoting to customers, confidential rate networking with its global agent partners, and integrating these functions with its CRM (customer relationship management) and TMS (transportation management) systems. CargoSphere is a complementary plug-in to any system a company is currently using.

As the three-month trial progressed, Europartners determined that the CargoSphere Rate System would significantly enhance operational performance by streamlining processes, boosting cross-functional collaboration, and improving invoice accuracy. For example, they found the tedious task of managing contracts and their amendments was significantly faster and easier with CargoSphere’s recently announced SUDS (Smart Upload and Diagnostic Solution) solution. The logistics firm successfully entered a total of 97 air and ocean contracts and rate agreements containing over 69,000 base rates with SUDS. Discovering the value of automating freight rate management and networking resulted in Europartners increasing their planned implementation by 5 times the number of anticipated users.

“With CargoSphere’s support, our global inside sales and pricing teams are now working collaboratively to create timely, customized customer quotation proposals that not only include cargo details but also customer profile information from our CRM system. Additionally, our ability to send and receive online freight rates with customers, as well as agent partners over the CargoSphere Mesh Rate Network will greatly improve the speed and effectiveness of our sales process and freight rate management,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, Europartners Group President.

“CargoSphere is redefining freight rate management and networking to create new capabilities that drive enterprise-wide improvements that weren’t possible in the past. We are pleased to be working with Europartners to advance the transportation and logistics solutions they offer their clients,” said Neil Barni, President, CargoSphere.