The Evans Network of Companies will expand into new areas with the acquisition of the container drayage, domestic truckload, and brokerage assets of Land Transportation and Phoenix Transit and Logistics. A total of 25 new agent partners will be added to the Network, bringing Evans’ service center locations to more than 100 across the United States. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“By entering new areas and expanding our capacity, Evans Network will be in the position to offer more services to our customers,” said Mr. Albert “Bert” Evans, Jr., President and CEO of Evans Network, a market-leading transportation and logistics provider.

“The strong management teams of both companies will add a new mix of experience and expertise to our Network,” Mr. Evans continued.

Approximately 250 drivers will be added to Evans Network. As part of the company’s green initiative, the independent contractors’ power equipment from both companies will be integrated into Evans Network’s retrofitting programs. Evans Network is in the process of installing diesel multistage filters (DMF) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) on independent contractors’ equipment at the Ports of Virginia. Evans will begin a similar program in the Port of Charleston in November.

Funding by the Ports and environmental agencies, along with Evans Network matching funds, ensures the independent contractor doesn’t incur any costs.

In addition, Evans will launch its newest environmental initiative to replace older port drayage independent contractor equipment with newer cleaner operating tractors. This GreenLease program will be conducted jointly with Ports and environmental organizations and is targeted at replacing 1997 and older tractors.

The newly added fleets will also be integrated in Evans Network’s national environmental initiative, Export Coordination/Optimization-Match (ECO-Match). ECO-Match makes more productive use of resources by matching import and export shipments handled by its truckers, which benefits the driver, customer and environment.