London event sponsored by Lloyd’s List

Evergreen Group Chairman Dr. Y. F. Chang received the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from Lloyd’s List on February 23 in recognition of his many accomplishments in world transportation and trade. The honor particularly highlighted his rise from Third Officer on a small cargo vessel to become head of one of the world’s leading container shipping and international transportation corporations.

Lloyd’s List Editor Julian Bray presented the award at a banquet held at the opulent 17th century Banqueting House in Whitehall. Dr. Chang, who traveled to London from Taiwan for the event, said:

“For me, this award has one strong message, that is, dream and dare, coupled with integrity, respect for others and a commitment to doing the best possible job. These are qualities and attributes that have guided me throughout my career.”

He added, “In the course of my professional life, failure has never been an option. For all of those now starting on their own careers, especially those who are choosing a life at sea as a starting point, I wish you a full and successful life.’

The award noted that Mr. Chang “by hard work and a great deal of innovative thinking and enterprise, has created a huge fleet that is characterized by high standards of maintenance and excellent crew facilities. He is still a seafarer at heart.”

Evergreen started with just one secondhand tweendecker in 1968 and only took delivery of its first newly built ship in 1972. Worldwide containership service commenced in 1975 with a standard of newly built and specially designed vessels for each new trade route entered by the carrier. In 1984, Evergreen launched Round-the-World service with 24 new ships sailing eastbound and westbound around the globe linking Asia, North America and Europe.

“More than I would like to admit, putting myself on the shipping map has been no simple task, said Chang. “As I reflect on the thrills and spills of my life’s odyssey, weathering countless storms, going against all odds, I take heart that I have emerged battered but unbowed.”

Under Dr. Chang’s leadership, Evergreen has taken ownership of Italy’s Lloyd Triestino, soon to be Italia Marittima, and established just four years ago UK-flag Hatsu Marine Ltd. The company has also diversified into non-maritime sectors, most notably establishing EVA Airways, an international airline that places equal emphasis on passengers and cargo and is now ranked among the top ten air cargo carriers. The group operates more than 150 sea-going ships in myriad world trade routes.