The Port of Oakland welcomed one of Evergreen Marine Corporation’s newest ‘green’ vessels on Monday, August 7, 2006. The Hatsu Smart was designed with key environmentally friendly features.

‘We congratulate Evergreen on their fleet of green ships and recognize their innovative steps that not only meet, but exceed some of the global environmental standards,’ said Port of Oakland Executive Director Jerry Bridges. ‘We are proud to partner with a maritime industry leader that takes pride in its environmental efforts.”

This new, S-type container vessel has a double-skin hull design, which helps prevent marine accidents such as an oil spill. The Hatsu Smart also uses the latest low-sulphur fuel system, advanced oil/water separators, environmentally-friendly Freon, and large, high-temperature incinerators. Additionally, Evergreen’s new container vessels also use a new tin-free, anti-corrosive coating that helps protect our oceans. This next generation design also positions the oil tanks in between cargo holds and above the tanktop in order to minimize the likelihood of a fuel spill in the event of an accident.

‘The Port of Oakland applauds Evergreen for using numerous environmentally responsible design elements in its new fleet of vessels now being deployed for goods movement,’ stated Port of Oakland Maritime Director Wilson Lacy. ‘All of these ship design improvements benefit the environment both globally and locally. Ultimately, we all have a role in environmental stewardship.’

The Hatsu Smart can hold approximately 7,000 teus (7,000 twenty-foot containers or the equivalent). With an overall length of 1,000 feet and a beam of 140 feet, the S-class vessels are able to carry 17 rows of containers across the deck and 15 rows below deck.

Evergreen’s Hatsu-Smart is one of four vessels completed in a series of a fleet of ten ‘green’ vessels being built for Evergreen’s maritime business.