FESCO Transportation Group announced that it has reorganized the management system of its container business.

In line with the company’s development strategy, the Group has formed a single logistics integrator, which is responsible for management of the business directions and companies of FESCO, providing various types of container services.

The logistics integrator is named FESCO Integrated Transport LLC.

(FIT) and it will oversee the provision of services for maritime, rail and road transportation of containerized cargoes, handling at terminals, as well as integrated logistics services, intermodal shipping and services of refrigerated cargoes.

The main objective of the restructuring is to increase efficiency and competitiveness of the container business of FESCO, as well as to improve customer services. The new structure is designed to pursue this strategy through consolidation and vertical integration of management of the container business into a single center with common standards of business, and operational accounting and planning with one client interface.

Implementation of this project will include several changes in FESCO’s business management structure. In particular this is an integration of business units consisting of Fesco Integrated Transport (FIT) LLC, Fesco Lines Vladivostok (FLV) LLC and Transfes into a single integrated company. This will transfer the management authority of the board of directors of the Group’s companies for container transportation and terminal handling services, directly to FIT LLC for responsiveness to current market changes and clients needs.

Sergei Kostyan, appointed as a member of the Board, Vice President and CEO of FIT LLC, will manage FESCO’ container business. FIT’s former CEO, Sergei Grigorenko, was appointed chief operating officer of FIT, effective January 18, 2011. As of January 11, 2011,

Dmitri Kurdakov was appointed managing director of FLV LLC and director of FIT’s Vladivostok branch. Mr. Kurdakov also is acting CEO of Transfes Vladivostok.