FESCO’S ice class vessel, the Vasily Golovin, arrived at the Port of Everett after being chartered by the Argentinean Navy to re-supply the Argentina Antarctic Station with 220 tons of fuel, provisions, and research equipment, along with carrying 20 members of a polar expedition.

The vessel, equipped with a helicopter pad, is capable of navigating through 1.5 meters of ice and is used in remote locations, such as Antarctica, for delivering cargo by air and by sea. The government of Argentina chartered Vasily Golovin to carry supplies and scientists to the Kamara seasonal station located north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Once at the Kamara station, the Vasily met the vessel ‘Canal Beagle’ where it transshipped 180 tons of general cargo and 180 tons of fuel for the Orkados Station, the oldest Antarctic station that has been working since 1904.

The vessel left the Port of Everett April 1st and is sailing direct to Magadan, Russia, a port city on the Sea of Okhotsk and gateway to the Kolyma region, with project cargo primarily used in gold mining, including mining machinery, chemicals, and camp supplies. This is the second polar voyage the Vasily Golovin has made in a short period of time. In early December, she delivered 1,125 tons of cargo to Marambio and Espaerance, both Argentina-based stations. For more than 50 years, FESCO ships have delivered various cargoes to the Russian, American, British, Australian and Argentine polar scientific stations located in the Antarctic and Arctic.