According to the final figures for 2013, goods throughput in the Port of Rotterdam were 440.5 million tons. This is one million tons lower than the provisional figures of December 19 last. Compared to throughput in 2012 (441.5 million ton), this is a fall of 0.2%. In December, throughput was expected to remain equal to the previous year.

For the separate categories of goods, the deviations are a maximum 0.5% compared to the provisional figures. This concerns differences both upwards and downwards, with the exception of other general cargo, which showed a 19.6% decline, as opposed to 18.2% with the provisional throughput figure. See the attachment for the final figures in detail.

Since January 2013, the sea port of Dordrecht (throughput approx. 3 million tons a year) has been operated by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Dordrecht throughput has therefore been included in Rotterdam’s throughput figures for the first time this year.