Meclift is a Finnish company with roots as far back as in the year 1981. Since 1993 the company has been manufacturing and selling Meclift reach trucks and is at the forefront of vehicles with heavy lifting capacity ranges from 16 to 50 tons for ports, airports and industrial applications. This week a brand new Meclift reach truck arrived Canada, Montreal.

”All of us at the GT Group have been looking forward to our future warehouse expansion that will allow us to handle heavier cargo and at a greater volume. To achieve this goal we have been looking for equipment that will help us unload our customers cargo more quickly and that will allow us to handle the heavier cargo that seems to be the norm in our industry. We believe that we have found this equipment in the Meclift”, says Danny Terrigno President of GT Group.

GT Group, founded in 1978, is a leader in the North American container industry. With terminals in Montreal and Toronto, GT Group offers container transportation, repair, modifications, leasing, storage, warehousing and cross-dock services to customers in Canada and the United States.

Meclift’s agile multipurpose products are utilized in container ports, harbors, airports, railroads, road transport and diverse fields of industry where heavy loads are handled, such as the steel, coil and aluminium industries in addition to the stone-handling and military sectors.

Production and product development ”Meclift’s supplier contacts are built on long lasting relationships. This ensures we can bring our ideas to all phases of production.

Our suppliers can build and invest in their production without fear of losing us as a customer. This is very important when we are cultivating the whole quality production chain,” says Kalliomäki.

The production line has around 20 dedicated employees at the factory of Lännen MCE, who retains 40% share of Meclift. At the same factory are as well Lännen and Lundberg tractors as well as Watermaster amphibious dredgers produced.