As the global shipping industry awaits June 6th announcement of first digital shipping company, IoT visionary Loginno reveals Contopia’s groundbreaking core technology

TEL AVIV, Israel and OSLO, Norway - Only two weeks left for The Contopia Factor competition winner announcement, and logistics IoT pioneer Loginno is warming up the engines with a surprise reveal of the technological foundation upon which the winning shipping company’s digital infrastructure will be built.

In a closed event held in Tel Aviv, Loginno unveiled the 5th generation of its critically acclaimed AGAM device, whose unique installation method as a standard container vent allows every container service depot to install it with no training.

While this operational side of Loginno’s patent-protected hardware was already known, Founder Amit Aflalo, the man behind Loginno’s unique tech, got into the technical specifics of what he dubs “both the smartest and the most affordable shipping container brain in existence today.” Says Aflalo, “It is the only wide-area communications device with battery life of 10+ years without recharge, effectively making it a permanent solution for every shipping container, never to be taken off during its entire lifetime of usage.”

The long battery life is partly due to work done with fellow Israeli startup 3GSolar. Other features include measurement of the container’s SOLAS VGM weight, piloted with the Israeli port of Ashdod; a CyberSeal to replace physical seals, which is a concept being worked on by Loginno with involvement of Lloyd’s Register; the very-recently-announced smart shipping container port integration with Navis, and other exciting technologies which are trialed together with one or more companies working side by side with Loginno, executing its partnership approach to innovation.

Amit Aflalo, Loginno Co-Founder
Amit Aflalo, Loginno Co-Founder

Adds Aflalo: “We have created an internal network of ‘Contopia partners’. These are innovative companies ranging from startups with cutting edge technologies, and industry giants with global reach and influence. All are interested to contribute to the success of the digital shipping company model, and all will be getting a front seat to this unique sandbox we are now creating, and gain insights on how Contopia (Container Utopia) is going to change the world of logistics.”

Earlier this week, Loginno announced that the final scoring of the competition’s contestants had been performed, and a notice to the winning shipping company had been sent. The soon-to-be-first digital shipping company, chosen out of 17 global applicants, is set to be revealed on June 6th in Oslo, Norway, during Nor-Shipping, the largest global shipping event of 2019, at the end of a Contopia-themed panel of experts discussing the various use cases for the first digital shipping company.

The panel and winner announcement will also be streamed live in Loginno’s social media channel, and is expected to draw many logistics thought leaders and top global innovators, all curious about the identity of the first digital shipping company.