In the early morning of October 17th, the ship “Happy Dynamic” berthed alongside Global Terminal to deliver the first five of twenty Automated Rail Mounted Gantry (ARMG) cranes designed and manufactured by Konecranes. The ARMGs started to roll off the delivery ship once the lashings on the cranes were removed and the operation was completed successfully by noon on October 20th. It was a remarkable sight to see the mammoth cranes being unloaded with such precise choreography.

This was the first of four shipments to deliver the twenty ARMGs to the expanded Global Terminal which is scheduled to go live in April 2014.

Alongside his eager colleagues, Pete Giugliano, Vice President of Engineering at Global Terminal commented, “We’ve been working closely with Konecranes the past 18 months and are very excited to see the first five ARMGs arrive at our terminal. These cranes and this technology will take Global to a heightened level of productivity and customer service.”

The 80-foot tall cranes have a lifting capacity of 40 tons and will stack one-over-five containers high and nine containers wide. Global’s terminal expansion will include twenty ARMGs that will stack containers in ten rows set on a diagonal to maximize space and facilitate easier approaches and departures for truckers. Stacking and tracking software will tell the cranes exactly where to place each container, and then how best to retrieve it when a trucker comes to pick it up.

The ARMGs are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with time scheduled for maintenance. The cranes are not equipped with operator cabins. A control room with eight Remote Operator Stations (ROSs) will be used to control the ARMGs during work cycles involving road trucks. The ROSs will be equipped with a complete set of crane controls, the necessary video feeds and two-way communication equipment to safely perform the container operations.