DP World opts for two Model 6 cranes

Gottwald Port Technology GmbH (Gottwald) has recently received its first ever order for the Dominican Republic. The order is for two G HMK 6407 Mobile Harbor Cranes, variants of the Model 6 series of Generation 5, Gottwald’s current bestseller. The cranes, which are expected to be commissioned by April, have been selected for handling mainly containers in the Port of Caucedo. The order was received from Dubai because the terminal in the Port of Caucedo is operated by DP World – as are many other terminals worldwide where numerous other Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes, in particular this model, are in daily use.

According to DP World, previous Gottwald machines have been highly satisfactory: “Our experience from all locations worldwide with Harbor Cranes made by Gottwald has always been exceptionally good, which is why we opted for this technology for the DP World terminal in the Dominican Republic.” While Andrew Hoad, Executive Director of the terminal in the Port of Caucedo, adds: “We are highly pleased that we can increase our terminal’s output by the purchase of these two high-performance Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes, which are capable of servicing container vessels up to Post-Panamax size. This allows DP World Caucedo to help customers save cost through increasing our productivity during the current challenging economic circumstances.”

Dirk Stoll and Fawaz Al Kaati, Gottwald’s representatives for DP World, are convinced that it is thanks to such key aspects as efficiency and cost effectiveness that global players such as DP World with terminals in many different countries and continents keep opting for Mobile Harbor Crane technology made by Gottwald as a matter of preference.

Gottwald’s current bestseller, Model 6 of Generation 5, is a Harbor Crane for high-performance applications and high handling rates – assured by lifting capacities of up to 120 tons, working radii of up to 51 m and very high hoisting speeds of up to 120 m/min. The G HMK 6407 variant, chosen by DP World for the Port of Caucedo in the Dominican Republic, has a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons and a working radius of up to 51 meters. Model 6 is the preferred choice for universal and special terminals servicing container vessels up to the Post-Panamax size and bulk carriers up to Capesize. The principle areas of application include high-end, high-speed container handling, also including twinlift mode and professional, continuous bulk handling. Model 6 is also well suited to terminals performing a significant number of heavy-load lifts.

“The number of countries to which Gottwald supplies its Mobile Harbor Crane technology is growing continually,” said Andreas Moeller, Deputy Sales Director at Gottwald. “In 2008, six new countries joined the list: Georgia and Estonia, Oman, Guinea, Paraguay and Suriname. And at the beginning of 2009, the Dominican Republic was added as the ninety-third country.”