On October 17, Global Terminal took possession of five new rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs). These instruments are the first of 20 RMG’s that Global will receive over the next several months. Global will be the first terminal operator to deploy RMG’s at the port.

It will take time to assemble, test, and certify all five cranes. Global aims to have the new equipment operational by March 30, 2014.

RMGs have evolved quite a bit since they first appeared in factories during the late 1800s. In those days, the cranes often ran on steam power.

“Modern RMGs mostly run on electricity, which adds a sustainability component to the terminal that employs them,” commented William Nurthen, a manager of port environmental programs for The Port of New York and New Jersey.

Modern RMGs assist in stacking containers, and moving containers to awaiting trucks that will carry the boxes to delivery. Manufactured by Konecranes, Global’s new RMGs stand 80 feet tall and can lift up to 40 tons. Assisted by specialized software, the 20 new RMGs will operate 24/7 stacking containers in ten diagonal rows crafted to maximize space and accessibility.

Global plans to use its new RMGs to maximize efficiency at its newly expanded terminal, accessible via the Anchorage Channel. Global has already begun to receive 9,300 TEU vessels. The new RMGs are expected to reduce the time needed to load and unload these larger vessels by a substantial interval.