The new Euromax terminal at Rotterdam Maasvlakte handled its first scheduled and dedicated rail shuttle. The train, with a capacity of 86 teu, directly connects the marine terminal with the inland terminal of Venlo in the south of the Netherlands not far from Duisburg. Operator ECT plans to start a second shuttle soon. It already runs over 20 trains a week with Venlo from the Delta and City terminals.

Besides the dedicated shuttle, the terminal handled and will handle trains of’ Intercontainer Austria (ICA) to/from Wells in Austria and the GTO port shuttle into the City area. Euromax expects to announce more dedicated scheduled services in due time.

The on dock rail terminal disposes of six 750 meters tracks, worked by two RMG’s. Euromax, a joint venture of ECT and the CKYH Alliantie, is situated at the start/end of the Betuwe Route, the dedicated freight line into Germany and has an initial quay side capacity of 2.3 million teu. The terminal is originally designed to handle up to 40% (% of inland modal split) rail containers. Extension to twelve tracks is foreseen.

In 2007 the whole port of Rotterdam handled 900,000 teu of maritime containers.