FNTR Nord has selected Teleroute as their recommended solution for their entire carrier community in an exclusive collaboration to improve the economic and environmental performance of its members.

Today, across Europe 40% of trucks on the road run empty, accounting for 20% of motorway congestion and dumping 120 million tons of CO2 into the environment annually. It would take 4.3 billion trees a year to offset this amount of emissions.

Since its creation , the National Federation of Road Carriers (FNTR) North has been defending and promoting the interests of road transporters in France. The local network of forward-looking, small and medium-sized transport businesses is currently facing multiple challenges like rising costs, shortage of drivers and competition from cross-border carriers. In order to overcome these challenges, they evaluated many players in the market and how their solutions can make a true impact for their members.

After a thorough analysis, FNTR North chose to partner with Teleroute, a leading European freight exchange, founded in 1985 in France. Based on its heritage Teleroute intimately understands the needs of French carriers.

Two French institutions in transportation team up for the benefit of the local carriers.

For FNTR Nord, Teleroute has built a unique packaged offer to access not only Teleroute but its international freight exchanges (WTransnet & 123Cargo) providing more lucrative long haul routes across Europe as well as routes within France.

All members of FNTR Nord will be able to join the recognized community of transport professionals, who pursue truck capacity efficiency and sustainability while keeping the safety of members a central concern.

As part of this collaboration, using Teleroute’s unique AI solution, TelerouteRecommends, members will gain additional insights on personalized preferential routes, volumes of liquidity in France and across Europe, all enabling carriers to optimize their economic results in this tough market.

“The FNTR Nord selection of Teleroute examplifies their commitment to the community of transport professionals and to the positive impact on the environment from improved efficiency of road transportation” said Fabrice Douteaud, General Manager of Alpega’s freight exchanges. Continued Mr. Douteaud “Teleroute is extremely proud to collaborate with FNTR Nord and its members in leading transportation for the French market.”