Smart Rules personalize carrier communications about available loads

Parade announced integrating its capacity management solution with the BrokerWare TMS software from 3PL Systems. Together, these logistics software providers help freight brokers digitize operations, deliver on customer expectations, and further digital transformation initiatives of their customers.

“Our TMS customers are interested in using Parade to re-utilize carriers,” said Jeremy Thone, director of marketing for 3PL Systems Inc. “Carrier re-utilization can save hundreds of hours of work for our freight broker customer’s staff. When there are similar loads, our TMS gets these rated and booked on a single carrier via Parade’s ability to help us re-use carriers.”

“With the reliable carriers identified by Parade, freight brokers quickly re-utilize those carriers and book load with one click,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO and co-founder of Parade. “Parade’s functionality put brokers’ data to use in ways that streamline operations, save time, and enable quick digital transactions. Our integration with BrokerWare helps book more loads, faster, and at lower cost—this integration is a win for freight brokerages.”

Re-utilization of carriers is more efficient for the freight brokerage and helps improve their relationship with those carriers. Parade uses the BrokerWare TMS load history to help brokers build rich carrier profiles to find the best carriers for a lane; brokers can add these quality carriers to their preferred carrier list. Better carrier profiles let brokers personalize a list of loads available to each carrier, saving the carrier time and effort. Carriers can easily find and book a load they like. The integration sends the load information back to the TMS. When it’s easy to re-use carriers, and both the brokerage and carrier are happy to work together, a deeper business relationship grows.