Road freight transport in Europe is heading towards a successful “normalization” of the sector in 2022, with an upward flow of goods and optimistic prospects for the rest of the year according to the analysis on the Teleroute platform.

The registers from the first quarter of the year on its database show exceptional numbers. In fact, from January to March 2022 more than 16.5 million freight offers to or from Europe have been closed on the platform, 1.5 million more than in this same period of 2021. Compared to 2020, the difference is even greater, when just over 11 million cargo offers were booked. This means 10% more cargo offers and an average of more than 180,000 offers per day.

Increase in All Respects

Growth was generalized in every aspect, with exports (+8%) and imports (+8%) reaching new records, but with more significant growth in terms of domestic freight offers (to and from the same country), up by 14%.

For example, Romania, the main country from which freight offers depart on the Teleroute platform, had 1.3 million loads departed in the first quarter of 2022. The biggest rise within the main exporting countries has been recorded in Italy (+50% increase compared to the same period in 2021) followed by Austria, with an increase of 52% related to a year ago. Import offers also grew in the first quarter, reaching 6 million, up by 8%. In this case, the main markets are Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Romania, accounting for 71% of the total number of freight offers to Europe in Teleroute freight exchange.

The numbers from domestic routes have grown the most (+14%) and accounts for an increasing percentage of the freight offers published on Teleroute. In this regard, freight offers to and from the same country now exceed 4.5 million. This growth has been notorious in specific cases such as Italy and Germany, with an outstanding 52% and 45% respectively. This data shows that there are more and more domestic freight offers on Teleroute platform.