In 2020, the need for digitization in logistics has really accelerated and this is especially true for the freight forwarding community. One of the main areas of focus for forwarders is how freight tenders are being managed today– often a daunting task within most organisations, given the complexity of data and the manual handling required to process them.

As separate companies, Freightender and PLS are providing innovative rate and tender management solutions to many of the global forwarders today and are at the forefront of the digitization push that is happening.

Over the last months, Freightender and PLS have worked hard to implement an interface from GPM into Freightender which allows customers of both companies to seamlessly pull rate and surcharge data from GPM and automatically pre-fill incoming tenders with these rates in Freightender’s platform. This will reduce a lot of complexity in rate selection and -export and saves a lot of time in handling customer tenders.

CEO Pieter Kinds comments: “Both Freightender and PLS have been delivering innovative services to forwarders independently but the drive in digitization due to the dynamics in the market, rate complexity and the increasing costs of responding to the tenders have brought us together to create a robust one-stop shop solution for forwarders who truly are looking to the future. Very exciting!”

PLS CEO Henning Voss comments: “Partnering with Freightender enables our joint customers to quicker respond to tenders and not only participate in more tenders through efficiency gains but also use the freed up time for finding the right solution for their customer instead of spending the majority of the time trying to compile all relevant data. This truly serves our claim: “Get more value from your rate data!”