Will debut new automated technologies for first time outside US

FreightScan, LLC, a developer of technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry, will conduct live booth demonstrations of its groundbreaking automated dimensioning cargo scanning system for the first time outside the United States at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Rome, Italy, March 3-6.

The FreightScan FS100 automated dimensioning system for cargo scanning is a small laser scanner that creates value by automating the process of collecting measurements and calculating dimensional weight without interrupting workflow. It exceeds all existing standards for static dimming systems in the cargo industry. The enhanced FS100A unit, developed during a pilot program with Martinair, also has the ability to conduct a scan with a bar code reader and a powerful data solution that enables the use of a remote trigger of the scanning system.

While the FS100 automated dimming system has received broad recognition as an innovative technology solution in North America, Latin America and Asia, with several pilot programs in progress, the IATA conference will be the first time this new technology has been demonstrated live on the European continent. FreightScan is, however, in contract negotiations with a European carrier at this time, and expects to have its first FS100 installations in place in Europe by the third quarter of 2008.

‘We are very excited to bring our technology to Europe by demonstrating at the IATA World Cargo Symposium,’ said Andr’ Johnson, founder and CEO of FreightScan. ‘While dimensional data of cargo has been an underdeveloped area for air cargo, trucking, freight forwarding companies and other segments of the logistics industry, in today’s global economy there is a rapidly increasing emphasis on declaring accurate dimensions. The benefits of the FS100 are numerous including significant revenue generation, decreased manpower costs, improved customer service and acceptance times, decreased claims, and the standardization of a process that has been inherently inconsistent and inaccurate due to the limitations of manual measurements. With an efficient and accurate method for collecting dimensions, cargo and logistics companies can use the data in many compelling applications.’

FreightScan’s 3D imaging FS100 system, utilizing groundbreaking D.I.M.M. Tech’ (Defined Imaging and Multiple Measurement Technology), permits all cargo from single packages to shrink-wrapped skids to be scanned in seconds, and even scans multiple packages simultaneously. The system captures a digital and laser image for 100% of scanned freight, and incorporates that visual record with every waybill. This solution is fast, accurate, reliable and its automated data generation of correct dimensions and chargeable weight generates virtually instantaneous revenue gains for users with very little capital investment.

‘Due to the outstanding interest in our dimensioning products, while at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Rome we will also be looking for new regional contacts to partner strategically with FreightScan for the purpose of installing and servicing major global hubs,’ said Sheri Ascencio, Executive Vice President of Marketing for FreightScan. ‘We anticipate significant demand from the European market for the FS100 and look forward to working with European partners to begin deploying the system in 2008.’