This becomes particularly clear when looking at the continued expansion in the region: early September 2013, two additional logistics buildings with a total area of 4,600 m² were put into operation at the existing logistics terminal in Senec, near Bratislava. Comprehensive video monitoring, modern equipment and highly trained employees ensure the highest quality and safety standards at the entire site. “The logistics buildings with 7,000 additional pallet spaces ideally complement the existing site in Senec,” says Markus Jelleschitz, Country Manager at GW Slovakia. “This way, we will be able to handle the constantly increasing number of orders of our customers in the quality that people have come to expect.” The investment volume for the expansion totals over two million euros.

Success Story in Slovakia

With the opening of an own branch in Bratislava in 1993, Gebrüder Weiss took its first steps into Slovakia. Shortly thereafter, the first international groupage freight transports were started in the European network of the Austrian transport and logistics provider. Direct transports to Germany and Italy were also organized. Moreover, Gebrüder Weiss established additional branches in Žilina and Košice. In 2005, a new terminal in Senec commenced operation. With an investment of approximately 10 million euros, an own terminal was built in Senec only a few years later and opened in 2010. Today, more than 150 employees work at Gebrüder Weiss in Slovakia. Every year, more than 400,000 consignments are handles and a turnover of around 27 million euros generated.