A Hub at the Heart of Eurasia

The terminal has 10,500 m² handling and logistics space as well as 600 m² office space. With its 95,000 m², the total area offers a great deal of scope for expansion. The hub is located close to the airport and offers direct links to important through-roads around the Georgian capital. There are plans for a connection to the rail network which the Georgian government is currently expanding nationwide. Thomas Moser, Regional Manager South-East/CIS at Gebrüder Weiss explains, “The good transport links make Tbilisi an ideal hub for traffic between East and West.” Gebrüder Weiss currently employs around 50 staff members at the new terminal. It is planning to increase the total to 80 employees.

A Gebrüder Weiss groupage-freight service has already been in operation since the start of 2012 on the Passau – Tbilisi line. Standard transit time for the freight which is transported on a weekly basis is a maximum of eight working days. Thomas Moser clarifies, “A groupage-freight service of this kind is unique to Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All of our customers can benefit from the link through the integration of the Passau location into the European-wide general cargo and groupage freight transport network GW pro.line.”

Gebrüder Weiss is not only transporting commercially available goods such as clothing, metals, engines and food on the northern and southern overland route between Europe and the Causacus: the transport and logistics company is also carrying out numerous special and heavy transportation projects – such as, for instance, a helicopter for heliskiing in the Caucasian Mountains or most recently 150 tractors for the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture.

Already in June 2012, Gebrüder Weiss took its first step into the Caucasus region by entering the Georgian market. Tegeta Motors is represented as its partner in Transcaucasia. Tegeta Motors is engaged in export in Armenia and Azerbaijan, therefore the existence of a high quality and large scale warehousing and logistic centre was of strategic importance to the company. Basing on the bilateral agreement and mutual interests, Tegeta Motors and Gebrüder Weiss have implemented the joint project.