Geek+, the global leader in AMR technology, has put its latest technology to work modernizing operations at TICA Systems, a major Chinese energy company. The system revolves around the new Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick system, which enables super high-density storage along with Geek+’s world-leading picking operations. Deployed in just two months, the solution has already been in successful operation for six months.

In pursuit of China’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2030, TICA has expanded its operations to several major energy markets including geothermal, solar, liquid natural gas (LNG) power, biomass energy, and industrial energy storage. In order to address the numerous challenges that accompany such ambitious projects, TICA has turned to smart logistics technology.

Kai Liu, Geek+ co-founder and VP of picking and smart warehouse, said: “We are very proud to see our Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick system integrated so quickly and successfully into major manufacturing operations. New energy technologies are extremely important for the future, and it is very encouraging to see Geek+’s solutions making such a valuable contribution.”

The four-way shuttle and P-series picking robot-based solution is Geek+’s latest development with the TICA Systems warehouses represent the first large-scale implementation of this new, groundbreaking technology. Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick was launched last month for international markets.

Whereas the traditional approach saw employees walking long distances between the warehouse and the production line and was prone to errors and accidents, the automated warehouses created with Geek+’s technology integrate storage and efficient picking operations near the production line. Several Geek+ X1200 four-way shuttles are equipped with intelligent high-speed elevators for multi-level storage, which greatly improves the utilization of three-dimensional space; Geek+ picking robots are connected to the four-way shuttle system on the ground level and transfer the goods out of the warehouse.

Thanks to the Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick solution, TICA are able to scale their operations and create superior energy technology to power a better future. Geek+ and TICA Systems have begun a valuable collaboration and will continue to develop innovative solutions and achieve further milestones in the synergy of smart logistics and green energy.