GEODIS announced the launch of its Fast Integration technology, a new application programming interface (API) self-service portal to enable quick, seamless integration for contract logistics customers in the Americas region. With Fast Integration, the company is now providing its clients with an easy-to-use portal and one-stop solution to integrate with GEODIS via API directly to simplify the overall fulfillment and shipping process.

In addition to allowing clients to directly establish connections with GEODIS, the Fast Integration solution will allow customers to develop customized API specifications, test the interfaces and receive pass or fail alerts. When integration of the systems is complete and pass alerts are received, GEODIS will deploy interfaces to production quickly and easily. Ultimately, the API self-service portal will allow GEODIS clients to onboard without the assistance of its integration team to create overall process efficiencies.

“In today’s new API era, it was increasingly important for us to develop a solution that would allow us to seamlessly manage API development to best meet our clients’ evolving demands by eliminating common challenges associated with the process, such as the considerable time and resources that is required for creating each custom API from scratch,” said Pal Narayanan, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at GEODIS in Americas. “With Fast Integration, we are now able to transform how we manage API development to further enhance the fulfillment and shipping process on behalf of our customers with a one-stop solution for all their API integration needs to unlock time and cost savings.”

Fast Integration will provide a tailored, comprehensive experience, in which customers receive instantaneous updates regarding changes in inventory quantity or status. Clients will also receive full visibility into the shipping and receiving processes. Clients will be notified when shipments are received by the warehouse as well as when orders are sent to the end consumer.

GEODIS plans to introduce the Fast Integration solution in Q3 2022 to its contract logistics customers in the Americas region. This will provide standard APIs for GEODIS’ six most commonly used interfaces: create order, stock adjustment, stock status, receipt request, ship confirmation and receipt confirmation. Within these interfaces, GEODIS will provide the basic fields that are most utilized across its clients so they will be able to easily configure their APIs via API manager quickly by leveraging the simple Fast Integration user guide.