Additional Customer Support enables faster response

Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, announced that Glovia Customer Care (GCC) support services will be available to US customers 24-hours-a-day five days a week. Glovia, unlike many software and IT companies, will be offering this service to US customers at no additional cost.

The additional customer support will allow both normal registered requests and issues as well as critical issues to be answered in a more timely manner as customer support analysts now have more time to monitor case logs to continually respond to customers and decrease the backlog of inquiries. In addition, when necessary, critical issues can be escalated and responded to even faster.

Many IT groups, often required to work non-normal business hours so as to not disturb normal company functions, now have support available to them to help increase their productivity and decrease the response time to questions and issues.

“Success for our support organization is determined by how well our support analysts perform, how quickly they respond to customer requests and issues and how well they are managed so their jobs can be effectively completed,” states Rory O’Brien, Customer Care Manager for Glovia International. “By providing our US customers with 24X5 customer support we are able to accomplish more in the same amount of time. This allows us to better and more timely serve our customers thus fostering an improved relationship and enabling greater success for both us as a department and more importantly for our customers.”

Glovia uses state-of-the-art technology and a skilled team to deliver support using a variety of media, including Internet-based issue tracking in conjunction with telephone support, both of which will now be available 24X5 for US customers.

Glovia Customer Care support services assist Glovia customers with technical problems or questions related to the suite of products. Support analysts use their expertise to understand the customer’s purpose for a particular application function(s) and assist with its proper use to obtain the desired result. They also expand and/or clarify the information contained in Glovia-supplied documentation to ensure the customer understands.