Goodyear has named global ocean container carrier APL the outstanding shipping line in Latin America. Goodyear Latin America President Eduardo Fortunato presented the award to APL at his company’s regional summit meeting recently.

The No. 1 manufacturer of tires in Latin America and North America, Goodyear singled out APL for outstanding service and a strong customer focus in presenting the award.

‘This is very satisfying recognition,’ said Carlos Velez, Vice President and Managing Director of the Latin America Trade for APL. ‘Latin America is a market with great potential and we have been expanding our presence here. To be singled out by a company like Goodyear indicates that we are on the right path.’

APL has provided ocean transportation service to Goodyear since 1998. The shipping line transports raw material and finished products between Goodyear’s Latin American facilities and the US Midwest.

APL expanded its Latin American presence last spring when it inaugurated a third service between the U.S. and the East Coast of South America.