A graphene manufacturing for EV battery application is partnering with a global industrial and chemical supply to leverage well-established international supply chains to support and accelerate Graphex’s expansion efforts and market reach to support worldwide EV proliferation

Graphex Group Limited (‘Graphex’) has entered into an agreement with the German company Desatec GMBH (‘Desatec’), an associate member of the TESUCO Group of Companies and a supplier of certain industrial materials with a customer base that extends from Europe, North and South America to Asia. Under this agreement, Graphex and Desatec will jointly promote the processing and sale of graphite materials used in the production of battery anodes for electric vehicles (EVs) and to offer services utilizing Graphex’s technologies to downstream users to establish local manufacturing capabilities for graphite anode materials.

“We’re proud to work with an experienced partner in Desatec,” said John DeMaio, CEO of Graphex Technologies LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of Graphex Group. “With Desatec’s over 50 years of successful experience, this alliance will be an important catalyst to the continued success of Graphex. Their well-established supply chain stretches across the globe, and we look forward to leveraging our shared connections and expertise.”

Desatec has operated globally since 1969 and has well-established international supply chains that will support and accelerate Graphex’s imminent expansion efforts and market reach.

“Desatec and Graphex are a natural fit,” said Allan Caspi, Project Director of Desatec Graphite Division. “Our expertise in international supply chains as well as manufacturing, when paired with Graphex’s role in the EV battery market are a recipe for success. This synergistic partnership will help both companies to continue to expand.”

“Our investment into environmentally friendly alternatives continues,” said Oliver Gennies, Managing Director of Desatec GMBH. “Now with the quickly expanding market for electric vehicle battery materials and grid energy storage solutions, reliable raw materials availability and supply chain have become more critical than ever. Our agreement with Graphex will assist us to support our clients better as we jointly enter a new era of growth for the mobility and energy storage sectors overall.”

Graphex has previously announced its formation of its US subsidiary, Graphex Technologies, LLC to establish a US-based sales and marketing presence that includes the formation of strategic alliances regarding the supply of spherical natural graphite, synthetic graphite and graphene-related products to EV battery manufacturers and automakers in North America.

The anode of a typical EV battery for a sedan-size automobile requires approximately 70kg of battery anode material (BAM) – a combination of natural and synthetic graphite. Through 2021, Graphex has manufactured and sold over 10,000 metric tons per annum of natural spherical graphite primarily to automakers and battery manufacturers in mainland China. This represents about 5% of the entire supply in China and places Graphex in the top 5 producers of spherical graphite in the world. 

Over the next three years, Graphex plans to increase its production capacity to over 40,000 tons per annum in China. In addition, in 2022 Graphex expects to include synthetic graphite in its BAM offering and plans to expand its operations geographically to include North America and Europe.

“The projected exponential increase in EV production over the next year and decade has already created strain on the supply chains of key component materials, including the graphite required for battery anodes,” said DeMaio. “By offering the full spectrum of battery anode materials coupled with our plans to co-locate production facilities in-country near the battery manufacturers and automakers in the US, Europe and other regions, we can deliver a long-term stable supply of quality components that are integral to the EV ecosystem.”