Cold chain management is paramount for economic and social development worldwide. The recent conjoining of development efforts by respected industry veteran, Marathon Products, with innovative manufacturing freshman, Industrial Insulation Systems (IIS), proves there are exciting times ahead.

The leadership of both companies recently met at Industrial Insulation’s Boise Idaho facility where they penned an open-ended development deal to mutually strive for cold chain excellence. Each group brings unique and pioneering elements to the table; Industrial Insulations’ patented CryoFreeze’ temperature critical shipping system offers exact digital control over multiple day hold times and ambient to -80’c range while Marathon’s MicroDL line boasts the industry’s sole ability to directly monitor at cryogenic temperatures. Additionally Marathon’s wireless edl-RF and edl-NET products provide a low-cost approach to complete warehouse/laboratory monitoring needs.

By teaming, the two companies offer a complete solution to all facets of cold chain logistics.

‘We offer the finest transport vessel on Earth, and Marathon provides the finest monitoring devices available,’ stated Industrial Insulation Systems president Dan Aragon, ‘it’s the perfect package. Our CryoFreeze’ units can move cargo anywhere, any temperature, Marathon delivers total peace of mind that the environment remained appropriate throughout shipment, it was an easy decision to make!’ IIS will exclusively offer Marathon products as a value-added verification system to its shipping container product line. In turn Marathon will assist in introducing IIS’s superior appliance to the world.

Over the last seven years Industrial Insulation Systems has been considered the ‘gold standard’ for industrial and mechanical insulation consulting and install throughout the Pacific Northwest. Though un-marketed, IIS’s patented CryoFreeze’ system has been quietly succeeding for research institutions and bio/pharma companies needing cryogenic shipping for some time. Capable of holding -80’c for up to 14 days with no power source it has proven 100% successful thus far. Driven by these achievements Industrial Insulation is now launching a full-scale attack on the world of temperature sensitive shipping and storage.

‘We’re excited!’ said proud owner and head designer Aragon, ‘After the initial prototypes tested it’s been a landslide. We now have +/-1’ control, self-contained, multi-temperature units and we have just finished a completely off-the-grid Solar freezer/frig unit’ that one’s gonna be big!’

Marathon has a reputation as manufacturer and global supplier of in-transit environmental monitors serving the finest international healthcare facilities, government agencies, laboratories and a wealth of Fortune 500 companies. Its reach spans across industry from semiconductors to food products. Marathon is also pushing cold chain technological boundaries by providing ultra low temp (-200’c) logging ability, and network enabled, wireless systems.

“We are honored’to be working with Dan Aragon and his highly creative industrial refrigeration team,’ confirmed Marathon CEO Jon Nakagawa, ‘Integrating our precision micro’sensors with both wireless and Ethernet capabilities should be a compelling’solution for’managing the cold chain for’all biological and food products.’