CHEP and IFCO collaborative “fresh” supply chain solutions highlighted at Viva Fresh 2018.

Leading growers Melon 1, Tanimura & Antle, Pure Flavor, Grimmway Farms, Wholesum Harvest benefit from innovative supply chain solutions.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - The fresh food sector is experiencing phenomenal growth that requires a continuous pipeline of innovative supply chain solutions to ensure timely, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable delivery of fresh products year-round. CHEP, a leading supply chain solutions provider, and IFCO, the leading supplier of reusable fresh food packaging, are showcasing their fresh supply chain efficiency, sustainability solutions, and grower success stories at Viva Fresh 2018.

“We are committed to providing growers with the products and solutions they need to provide their customers and consumers with year-round access to high quality, nutritious and affordable fresh food,” said Rick Overholt, Director of Sales, Produce, for CHEP. “Our platforms, containers and supply chain solutions, combined with our expertise and global network advantage, form a winning combination that helps growers meet their marketplace and social responsibility goals.”

“No one understands the supply chain needs of growers better than IFCO and CHEP, and we know from experience the best solutions are achieved through partnership and collaboration with growers and the entire fresh food supply chain. That is what separates us from our competitors,” concluded Craig Kelly, Vice President, Grower Sales, IFCO.