Grup TCB, a world leader in the efficient management of port terminals, invested 26.2 million euros in 2013 on purchases of equipment for its terminals, a 102% increase in equipment investment with respect to 2012. Over the last three years, the company has allocated 84 million for this purpose.

“Technological innovation and development are priorities for keeping Grup TCB terminals at the forefront of international logistics operations. Our ultimate goal is to offer customers an efficient, flexible and quality service, so we will continue investing in this modernisation strategy”, says Xavier Soucheiron, CEO of Grup TCB.

At TCBuen, the Group’s terminal at the Port of Buenaventura (Colombia) signed orders for the purchase of six RTG (container stacking cranes on tyres) and an STS (Ship-to-Shore). In addition, two RS (Reachstackers), one ECH (empty container stacker), six TT (Terminal Trucks) and six TC (Terminal Chassis) have been operational since last summer. The terminal is undergoing its second phase of development, which almost double its capacity to 600,000 TEUs moved annually.

At TCEEGE, its Turkish terminal, Grup TCB has purchased two ECH, one of which is already operational, and has rented two RS.

At the Valencia Container Terminal (TCV) four new RTG cranes have been operational since December, in addition to the five TT and five TC operating since last summer.

In addition, Grup TCB rented an RS for its Railway Terminal at Valladolid.

In parallel, the company invested 1.5 million in 2013 to improve and renew existing equipment. In this sense, an electrical retrofit was carried out on an STS at the Yucatan Container Terminal and an order has already been placed for the same terminal for a second STS and a mobile crane. At the same time, the mobile crane at CAPSA (Compañía Auxiliar del Puerto de Tenerife) was also upgraded.

Meanwhile, the Barcelona Container Terminal (TCB) introduced a new fleet management system including GPS, access control and stability alarm management. At the same terminal, a Spanish patent has been granted for container weight control during loading and unloading operations.

Finally, Grup TCB has developed new software internally for Maintenance Management which was implemented at TCBuen, TCB and CAPSA during 2013. In 2014 the new management standard and improved maintenance is expected to be implemented at TCG (Gijón Container Terminal), TCEEGE, IDD and TCV.