Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) commemorated the completion of the construction of three external canopies on July 21, 2009. This forms an integral part of the company’s ongoing drive to enhance operational and service excellence.

Situated at the northeastern corner of SuperTerminal 1, these three linked canopies cover 2,192 square meters in total and can simultaneously accommodate air cargoes for two 747-freighters under shelter, with enhanced protection against adverse weather. The total investment of the project is approximately HK$21 million, underlining Hactl’s dedication in providing premier cargo handling services to all airline customers and associated business partners across the supply chain.

‘2009 has been a challenging year for the air cargo community and we have not been immune to those headwinds. However, we are determined that the current difficult economic environment should not prevent us from exploring creative ways towards increasingly better service to our customers for the long-term’, said Mr. Kenneth Bell, Hactl’s Director of Service Delivery. ‘Air cargo tends to be more high-value by nature and these newly-developed airside canopies will not just bring improved weather protection for cargoes handled by Hactl, but also create associated cargo handling benefits to our customers and business partners.’

Quick Facts ’ Canopy
Established in: July 2009
Location: Northeastern Corner of SuperTerminal 1
Size: 2,192 square meters
Capacity: Can accommodate air cargoes for two 747-freighters under shelter, which is equivalent to around 220 tons of air cargoes
Total Investment: Approximately HK$21 million