Effective April 17, 2006, with the arrival of the CAP SAN AUGUSTIN (040S), vessels of Hamburg S’d's East Coast Americas (ABUS) service will begin calling Port Everglades, Florida.

Florida International Terminal (FIT) will provide Port Everglades terminal and stevedoring services as it already does for Hamburg S’d's rotations linking Florida with Venezuela (VENEX), and the US East Coast with West Coast South America (AGAS). The shift of the ABUS service completes the consolidation of all of the company’s South Florida activities at Port Everglades:

Florida International Terminal, LLC (FIT)

3800 McIntosh Road

Port Everglades, FL 33316

Phone: (954) 761-3880

FAX: (954) 524-3859


The last call of the ABUS service at Miami will be the CAP SAN ANTONIO (039S) on April 3, 2006.