At the end of March 2022 The Port of Virginia, which operates the Hampton Roads Chassis Pool (HRCPII), announced the implementation of new software from Port Technology Services (PTS), a Norfolk, VA-based company. HRCPII operates a fleet of more than 15,000 chassis, and it selected asset tracking and billing software from PTS to manage chassis inventory tracking, usage billing, and maintenance and repair.

The PTS solution is ideal for HRCPII because it integrates directly with intermodal Terminal Operating Systems (TOS), including the Port’s Navis N4 TOS, allowing for real-time tracking of asset location and usage. It is also integrates with the Port’s accounting system to provide a seamless customer experience for billing. The software includes a dynamic rules system to accommodate complex billing scenarios, including real-time determination of billable party, a concern in achieving accurate billing for chassis usage. In addition to the robust financial and operational reporting integrated with usage visibility, the system includes functionality for managing maintenance and repair (M&R) of fleet chassis.

“Taking multiple functions and bundling it in a single package will really help to streamline things,” said Arthur Ellermann, Managing Director of the Hampton Roads Chassis Pool. “The port collects a lot of data and uses that information to help make informed decisions. This will help gather a significant amount of data while managing multiple functions. This system is going to be an asset to HRCP.”

HRCPII will benefit greatly, as will its customers and vendors: The PTS software features a robust customer portal for a variety of external users. Customers such as steamship lines, motor carriers, and cargo owners that use HRCPII chassis can view usage and billing data via the portal in real-time. The port’s M&R vendors will use the portal to track all aspects of the M&R process. Enabling HRCPII customers to manage their usage and billing is a critical part of the system, providing greater value to The Port of Virginia’s customer community.